This month itself I have attended two wedding dinners of my collage mates. I do not know how to explain, but it is a weird feeling when everyone around you started to get wed and have babies.



Sadness. Frustration. Anger.
The negative emotions wanted to build home in me.
I declined. I refused. I objected.
They begged. They chased. They insisted.
I run. I run. I run…

After the super big event my company was having, tiredness has been all over my face. No matter how many hours I spend on sleeping, it just won’t go away. Worst still, I’m now in war with flu bug.

Quick, I need some creative juice to keep me going. Seriously, I have no idea when I’ll collapse.

Stop, don’t bug me anymore. Of course, I know what is best for myself.


Your name just crossed my mind. It has been more than 10 years since we last met. {hmm… not that I am admitting my age} I hope all is good.

Looking back, there were so many that brought inspiration to me. Though, you are the special one. I can still remember some of the encouraging words you said. Now, although I seldom hold the brushes, I still proudly say I was one of your students.


“Happiness… it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Such talented painter. Such beautiful words and thoughts. I used to wonder why the sad story. Looking again and again at his quote. I began to understand.

No doubt, he achieved every painter’s envy. But sadly, it happened after his death. To me, joy of achievement = recognition from others. Some people might against the idea. However, words of praise do make my day. I can imagine the loneliness he had gone through.

The result…

“I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.” – Vincent Van Gogh

With my situation now, I should be happy, really, but I am worry with a tiny bit of confusion.

It has been a crazy month, both work and personal life. We have been preparing for this super big event (for our markets, at least) early this year. Yet, approaching the DEADline soon, we are still working on a few items arising at the last minute.

On the other hand, me and him are scratching our heads for the style of our new home. I feel we think too much. But, to stretch our money, we have to consider real carefully before every purchase.

Here are the finalists, modern minimalism and simple natural.

[Image from

Oh, well. Maybe it’ll take us another month before we make the final decision.

To all fellow designers, I need some enlightenment here. There is this design job that my colleague is working on which requires an odd-size cover. It is a A4 size magazine with a folded A3 size cover. As far as I know, each page in the document has the same size. Does anyone out there have any idea how we should create the InDesign document?

white tableware

[The image is from – don’t you think they are pretty?]

At this moment of time, white is my new love. Simple line, shape and form equal to stunning design.

During lunch hour, we went to Ampang Park. I saw all these tableware in my favorite design at a comparably affordable price. I was so tempted to make them mine. Unfortunately, we have to bow to reality most of the time. There were already more than 2 sets of tableware waiting. And, mind you, the design… unbearable. Although I haven’t seen them, but I can imagine.

I pray hard that they fit in the new house.

Graphic design is visual communication via print.
Web design is visual communication via internet.

Graphic design is arrangement and creation of symbols, images and/or words that make up a printed material.
Web design is arrangement and creation of web pages that make up a web site.

Graphic design focuses on delivering a message.
Web design focuses on delivering a topic/subject.

A graphic designer who does web design = over tasked?

There is such a saying in Chinese, “Whether black or white, a cat that knows how to catch a mice is a good one.”

I truly understand the meaning of it as I always stress that “everything must serve a purpose”. Because of that, this made me upset. People kept scrutinizing the size of the text in my design. Why can’t they understand that there must be a reason for certain things to be done in such a way?

Really, people, think… I am not paid to tell you how a good design should look like.